We're proud to announce the release of the LUMATIV "City Lights" collection.  To start things off LUMATIV has released two new styles - the "LA" (Los Angeles) style and the "NY" (New York) style.  Pre orders for these limited edition snapbacks will be available at www.lumativ.com December 19th 2014.  The first round of product ships January 15th 2015 with only 30 pieces of each style available. 

"The City Lights collection will include numerous cities and urban pop culture references from around the world", says creator and producer Scott Campbell.  "I've always been attracted by the design, light, colors and sheer scale of our cities around the world.  They have an energy and beauty that nothing else compares to.  Overlooking Los Angeles, Hong Kong or New York at night is an amazing sight and I wanted to capture that along with each cities personality and energy within this special collection."

Two new styles will be released by LUMATIV each month with limited quantities.  Price points will range from $75 - $150 USD depending on the model.  Select styles will have various models to choose from that will range in quality of materials and features.

For more information please contact us at support@lumativ.com



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